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15 Best Unique Wedding Gift Ideas in 2024

by Editorial Team | Last updated on January 29, 2023
Have you recently been invited to a wedding? It's always an honor when a couple shares such a special moment with you. Surely you want to arrive on time, but choosing a gift can take time and effort. So, to make this easier for you, Shop Spruce offers you a list of the best wedding gift ideas.

Or is it you who is planning your wedding? If so, you may have considered creating a registry. We invite you to look into this option if you still need to. Here are the reasons to do so and the possible gifts to include in your registry.
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Why trust Shop Spruce?

At Shop Spruce, we want to help brides and grooms have the wedding of their dreams. It is a unique moment; no detail should be left to chance. In addition, family and friends play a vital role in the enjoyment of the occasion, and we want to help them be just what the bride and groom need to enjoy the moment even more.

How Do Wedding Registries Work?

A wedding registry is, simply put, a wish list for the bride and groom. These are mostly goods or items that the bride and groom need or would like to have, which makes it easier for wedding guests to gift, as they can see everything the newlyweds would like to receive.

In addition, this registry tells the guests if the gift they intend to buy has already been purchased (which avoids repeat gifts), where it can be purchased, and gives them more freedom of choice depending on their budget.

Where to Register?

Registrations can be made online, which makes it much easier and practical for both the bride and groom and their guests.

Several websites offer this service completely free of charge. You have to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Here are some of them:
On Amazon, you can choose from millions of products. It offers fast and free delivery for Prime customers. Gift cards up to 1,000 euros can be used up to 10 years later, a perfect option for the more indecisive.

And surprisingly enough, it allows products from any website to be added to the list.
Amazon Wedding Registry
Williams Sonoma
It makes it possible to create a quick and easy registry and track items that guests have already chosen. One of its novel options is allowing you to use your phone's camera to add items to the registry.

Williams Sonoma offers everything from cookware and dinnerware to various home furnishings.
Williams Sonoma Registry
This website features a large selection of home essentials from top brands.

Sometimes it can be challenging to choose from so many options, so Bed Bath & Beyond makes it easy to create a wish list with features that guide the couple through the process step-by-step.

It features, for example, presets where you can discover must-have items for the bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and more.

It also allows you to view the top picks of other brides and grooms.

It offers a wealth of non-traditional gifts to add to the list, such as a fund for an unforgettable honeymoon or to buy a new home.
Bed Bath & Beyond Registry
Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel offers a diverse list of options and stands out for some of its exclusive perks.

Among them are discounts on gifts that guests did not purchase. If at the end of the gift-giving period, the bride and groom purchase one of the gifts they did not receive, they get a discount.

On the other hand, if the bride and groom receive duplicate gifts, gifts with a feature they don't like (size, color, etc.), or change their mind, they can return or exchange them.
Crate & Barrel Registry
Registering with multiple companies is time-consuming for the bride and groom and often confusing for guests.

That's why Zola offers a one-stop shop, bringing all the options together in one place. At Zola, you can choose from thousands of items and hundreds of brands that allow you to create a personalized registry.
Zola Registry
Target offers multiple options within its site and allows you to include gifts from any website on your list. It will enable you to track gifts and send thank you messages after receiving them.

It offers the exciting option of making group gifts, which several family members and friends can join to create a more expensive purchase.
Target Registry
Food52 offers simplified navigation and an intuitive interface where it is very easy for both the bride and groom and their guests to find the desired gift -even considering that it has thousands of options to choose from-.

Among their most outstanding features, they offer handmade items, which makes them exclusive and loaded with a special meaning.
Food52 Registry

The Best Wedding Gift Ideas

Here are some gift options that will surely make the newlyweds happy.
personalized couple's print featuring their names, wedding date, and pet

Personalized Couples Print

What better than a personalized gift for such a unique and special occasion? This website offers the possibility of personalized printing.

You can include names, dates, places, and animated characters that resemble the bride and groom, the gift givers, and pets. The possibilities are endless.
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personalized 1st christmas married ornament, marble style botanical design on ceramic round decoration, perfect keepsake for newlyweds

Personalized First Christmas Married Mr. Mrs. Wedding Marble Ornament

If you want an affordable but no less elegant and meaningful gift, you should consider this ceramic hanging ornament. It can be personalized to add names and dates of the special day.
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two individuals in a romantic relationship are sitting side by side on a hilltop, wearing t-shirts with the brand

Experience Gifts for Couples

Newlyweds often look forward to new experiences together. That's why Tinggly has the best experience gifts for couples. It allows wedding planners or gift givers to choose an unforgettable experience.

It is an original and innovative gift alternative. It consists of a Tinggly gift box with several exciting, relaxing, and inspiring experiences around the world from which the couple can choose.

You can find experiences like an afternoon of scuba diving, Italian wine tasting, or even nature walks with lions.

There are more than 800 options, and the number is constantly growing.
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elegant Mr & Mrs personalized champagne flutes, perfect for any wedding occasions

Mr. and Mrs. Champagne Flutes

Personalized gifts are consistently among the favorites, so this option may please them.

These are two personalized champagne glasses for the husband and wife, made of thick, durable blown glass. These elegant glasses will indeed be enjoyed both during the reception and afterward for many years.
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4 city skyline etched wine glasses as a wedding gift sparked the birth of charm city glassware series

Etched Skyline Wine Glass

Do the bride and groom share a taste for good wine? Then this could be a great and unique wedding gift.

Inspired by her love for her hometown, Stephanie Miller created wine glasses etched with the Charm City skyline as a gift for her wedding party, and a series of urban glassware was born.

Each glass features an iconic cityscape, and together, they showcase a continuous panorama.
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bronze wine holder with a white marble base

Marble Wine Rack

An elegant wine rack with a marble base is a stylish and sophisticated gift, even more so when you consider that, in this case, it is handcrafted.

Why not consider this elegant marble shelf as a gift for the newlyweds? It is meant to be placed in the bathroom, contributing to its tidiness and good looks.
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unique personalized ring box that adds special touch to weddings and enhances ring photos

Personalized Wedding Ring Box

The bride and groom want everything on their day to be perfect. Every detail is essential and will be remembered in the many photos of the occasion.

A personalized ring box will give the perfect and unique touch to the wedding and will make the wedding ring and engagement photos shine.
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engaging card game that is meant to strengthen relationships through deep, meaningful conversations with friends, family, couples or new acquaintances

Let's Get Closer Table Talk Game

What do newlyweds need? Quality time together, no doubt.

"Let's Get Closer" is a card game that engages couples in deep and meaningful conversations. The cards are divided into three levels: intimate, very intimate, and most intimate.

Each group poses increasingly personal questions and challenges players to share their feelings and strengthen their bond.
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organizer covered in cloth, storing keepsakes in acid-free drawers, files, fabric bags and envelopes

Personalized Wedding Keepsake Library

Where do all the photos, mementos, letters, memories, etc., go after the wedding - into a cardboard box? Not the best option, so consider a beautiful fabric-covered "library" instead.

It's an elegant way to store precious mementos in drawers, cloth bags, and sewn envelopes. Each is finished with hand-painted personalization: your first or last name on the front and an initial in each interior compartment.
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etched wine glass with personalized floral monogram design

Etched Wine Glass With Initial, Personalized Last Name Glasses

A pair of wine glasses engraved in a personalized way -with names and dates, or whatever you want- and with an elegant floral monogram design is an excellent option to consider.

The ones we leave you within the link are laser engraved for an elegant and permanent look.
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image of BISSELL® MYair® air purifier

Myair Personal Air Purifier

You can contribute to the warmth of the couple's new home by giving them an air purifier. The one presented in the link is small and quiet. It eliminates allergens, irritants, and odors.

In addition, its creators support the BISSELL Pet Foundation®, an organization that seeks to help save homeless pets. If the couple loves animals, they'll be happy to know this.
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image of stainless steel kitchen knives set cooking tools

Karibe Knives Set

Has the couple moved into a new home? I'm sure they'd appreciate it if you could help them outfit it. Make sure it's useful, like the kitchen knife set in the link.

They are made of stainless steel and are suitable for all culinary needs. They have a sleek black finish and are equipped with a sharpener to prolong the life of all knives.
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wedding layflat photo album image

Wedding Layflat Photo Album

The occasion lasts only a few hours, but the bride and groom want the memories to last forever.

A stylish and personalized photo album can be a great gift.
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moss color robe from linen

Linen Robe

A pair of comfortable, soft-textured robes may be just what the bride and groom need for their long-awaited honeymoon.
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a WiFi-connected digital display called Skylight Calendar

The Skylight Calendar

In this option, we present the Skylight Calendar.

It allows all family members to synchronize their events in one place. It automatically displays family events, to-do's, and shopping lists to organize, coordinate and make life easier for the newlyweds.

They'll really thank you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular wedding gifts?

The most popular are those allowing the couple to furnish their home, such as dinnerware, appliances, furniture, accessories, decorations, etc.

What do couples want for wedding gifts?

It is difficult to generalize; of course, it will depend on tastes and preferences, the couple's age, economic conditions, etc.

However, couples often welcome items to furnish their home, personalized gifts, and experiences to live together, such as a tour or trip.

What are traditional wedding gifts?

Primarily, they are intended to furnish the newlyweds' home. Over the years, this has changed with the emergence of novelties such as wedding registries.

How much do parents give as wedding gifts?

Parents are expected to be the ones who help their children the most with the wedding. A good gift from them starts at a minimum of 500 dollars.

Is it okay to give a gift card for a wedding?

They can buy or pay for whatever they want with the money from the card, so they are always good options. They can use it to build or remodel their home or to plan their dream honeymoon.

Is it better to give cash or a check for a wedding gift?

In this case, the method chosen is different, but both are useful for entertaining the couple.

While both are valid, many couples specify which one they prefer in the invitation details, so read all the details before choosing a method.

If they don't specify anything, I prefer cash, but it's the same thing.

What can I give my female friend for her wedding?

A good option is to give her something that she can wear on her romantic walk down the aisle; she will surely appreciate taking anything of her friends with her on such a special occasion.

All the better if the gift is personalized. Need an example? You can give her all the jewelry for that day, including in some of them some inscription, a date, initials, part of a song, whatever you think your friend will be happy to remember.

What is the best gift to give a newlywed bride?

The best thing to do on occasions like this is to give something to the couple and not just to one of them. If you want to give something only to the bride because she is an excellent friend, the answer to the previous question (what can I give my female friend for her wedding?) can help you.

What is the best way to give money as a wedding gift?

Cash or a check left on the gift table in a small envelope are good options. Depending on your trust in the bride and groom, you could look for more fun options, such as placing it inside some pretty balloons.

What percentage of wedding guests give gifts?

It is impossible to generalize in this sense. What is clear is that 100% of the guests are expected to do so.

What gift do the groom's parents give?

Generally, they are expected to collaborate with the payment of the ceremony and the celebration. They are also likely to give a gift; ideally, this gift should be emotionally charged, like a family heirloom passed down for generations.

An excellent wine to enjoy on their first anniversary is also a good option, or you can pay for the honeymoon -or part of it-. 

Is $300 a generous wedding gift?

The answer is that it depends, among other things, on your relationship with the bride and groom. If you are a co-worker, neighbor, or distant relative of one of them, $300 is a generous gift.

On the other hand, if you are a close relative, the money is within the expected range. However, if you are someone as close as a sibling, father, mother, or close friend, the above figure is not considered generous but below the expected.

Is $100 a good wedding gift?

The answer to this question will depend on several factors; among them, one of the most important is how close you are to the bride and groom. If they are co-workers, neighbors, or one of them is a distant relative, $100 is a good gift.

What is considered a generous wedding gift?

Consider things like: What is your relationship with the bride and groom? Will you be attending the wedding alone or with someone? Is the wedding formal and elegant or more casual? The answers to the above questions can help you decide.

Remember, if there is a wedding registry, it is best to go to it; there, you will find the best gifts the couple could receive.

Which gift card is best for a wedding gift?

There is the possibility of purchasing specific gift cards, which the bride and groom can use at a particular store. However, a better option is often one for recipients to spend wherever they want or in a wide range of stores.
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